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    Check boxes, name fields, and interactivity in Acrobat/InDesign

      I posted this in the InDesign forum and am lead to believe it is impossible to do through InDesign...

      We are a high production print shop and do most of our proofing via PDF. We email the customer a PDF and they print it out, show it to their customer, mark changes, and fax it back to us. We'd like to start letting the customers email their proofs back to us with a check box marked for either OK or Changes Needed, as well as a place for a name and date.

      It appears that InDesign will not do this natively. I can make Acrobat do this, no problem. What I tried to do was to take a PDF of the "Proof OK" box with the check boxes and name fields and drop it into InDesign in hopes that the embedded PDF would hold it's interactive capabilities. It does not.

      Is there a way to make this work like I need without a bunch of scripting in a language I don't know well? Taking the hundred or so proofs each day and manually making them interactive PDFs is not really an option for obvious time reasons.