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    Acrobat 9: Error when PDF form submit with file attachment

      Hi all,

      Hope you can provide some help with my PDF form submit issue. I am getting this error "There is no PDDoc associated with this CosDoc." in Acrobat 9 (Reader and Pro) when I try to submit a PDF form with a file attachment field (the file is specified). The same PDF form works fine in Acrobat 7 or 8 (Reader and Pro) with file attachment.

      If no file attachment is specified (user did not select a file) then the PDF form submits fine in acrobat 9. The form data submission format is in FDF. Same problem if I change to XFDF.

      There are no differences in the problem if the PDF form is created in Acrobat 7 or Acrobat 9, the same submit issue exists in Acrobat 9 but not in the older Acrobat versions.

      Is this a known issue and are there any workarounds/solutions?