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    Flattening script damages file

      I use Acrobat Pro 7.1.0 - Win XP SP2

      I receive 2D monochrome CAD drawings from a vendor for approval. I add an "Approved" stamp and use the doc.FlattenPages() JavaScript command to make the stamp permanent. When I do this, some of the thin lines of the drawing become slightly modified/thinner and then only some of these lines will print properly. Others seem too thin to print.

      Is there any way to modify the settings Acrobat uses during flattening to prevent losses or modifications of original data?

      I have played a little bit with Hair-line repair but it doesn't seem to work for the circles, only straight lines. I would like to avoid making "touch-ups" as I have a lot of drawings to review.

      I had this topic in the regular Acrobat forum, but it was suggested that this would also be a good place to post it.