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    Authentication through CGI?

      Hi all,

      Currently working on a form (Acrobat Professional) which has several fields for a user to fill out and then a "Submit" button. When clicked, the button launches an external browser window which goes to a login gateway (CGI-script). What I would like to do is have the user enter their credentials in the login gateway, and if they successfully log in, then have some sort of value passed back to the PDF that verifies the user did indeed enter their credentials. The form is then considered "signed" and fields are then locked.

      Any ideas on how to go about this? I know this is a basic form of authentication but having my userbase utilize the built-in Acrobat digital signature is not practical in our situation. Thanks in advance.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Is this for a form that the user might have open in Reader, outside of a web browser?

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            It could go either way, to be honest. Right now the direction I would like to take it is to have the user be able to fill the form through the Reader client (outside of the browser) and then authenticate it, through launching an external browser window (app.launchURL).

            It wouldn't be that far of a stretch to make this form available online and filled inside the browser itself, though.
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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              For Reader to submit a form outside of a web browser, it has to have the corresponding usage right applied, which Acrobat can do.

              There's nothing stopping you from prompting the user within Acrobat (e.g., using form fields or a custom dialog) for the username and password, and submitting them with any other form data. The server would either accept or reject the submission based on the submitted username/password. The server can return an FDF that contains form field data, locks fields, and/or causes a informative popup message to be displayed.

              What you described in your first post isn't possible.

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                I suppose I could emulate the username/password fields within the form and then post them to the CGI-page, and treat the results accordingly. I'll let you know what I come up against. Thanks again George.