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    Remove WaterMarks / Stamps

      I have added watermarks to a couple of thousand files in our DB - using API, these are status watermarks that should change when the relevant object changes status. I originally intended to do it by keeping the source files (without watermarks) and using them as base for the new watermark, but apparently the source is not always available and i have to remove the watermarks.

      We have Acrobat 8.1 pro, and can remove the watermark easily through UI, but I can't find the way to do it through API.

      I tried and got false on:


      Anyone knows how i can do it?????
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          I did try the same command in console and successfully removed the watermarks - but had to confirm the pop up dialog.

          so removing the pop up might also help to make it work unattended (sendkey is not an option)
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            And if one uses the "addWaterMarkFromText" method with no text, the current water mark is replaced with an empty watermark and no popup, or one can can use the OCG object to hide the watermark. See the example with the funciton to toggle the watermark OCG.
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              thanks for the quick response,
              Actually i have both "addWaterMarkFromText" with status date and "addWatermarkFromFile" with the status stamp. I tried the OCG approach:
              get the OCG's
              Dim OCGs As Object
              OCGs = jsObj.getOCGs(0)
              For i As Integer = 0 To OCGs.length - 1
              If OCGs(i).name = "WaterMark" Then
              OCGs(i).state = False
              End If

              It finds the watermark OCG on the first page but doesn't turn it off.
              keep in mind that i do want a watermark OCG - but a new one with the new status

              I saw this problem in quite a few forums - but never found any acceptable solution