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    Extracting From PDF to Email subject or body with attachment

      I am newbie, trying to stumble my way through some JavaScripting in Acrobat 8. I came across a script that may work but it does not leave the PDF attachment in the email. My goal is to extract key information and add it to the subject line or body of the email with the email attachment.

      var cClientName = this.getField("ClientName").value;
      var cAddress = this.getField("Address").value;

      var cBody = "Client Information:\n\n";
      cBody += "Client Name: " + cClientName + "\n";
      cBody += "Address: " + cAddress + "\n";

      var myURL = "mailto:email@company.com?subject=Client Info&body=";
      myURL += cBody;

      app.launchURL(myURL, true);

      How do you keep the PDF attachment with the email? Presently, there are no email attachments.