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    Opening a new browser instance from PDF

      We have a functionality which converts HTML to PDF (We are using abcPDF 3rd party component to convert the HTML into PDF).The generated PDF form would have a submit button clicking by which should post the form (using HTTP POST) and open the resulted HTML in a NEW browser instance. Currently it uses the existing active browser instance (if one available) which is not accepted by users. Our users do not want to change the browser setting (IE: Internet Option > Advanced > Reuse windows for launching shortcuts) to disable reusability of windows.

      Is there a way to submit the PDF form (HTML - HTTP Post) using an image button using JavaScript? If that is possible, we can open a blank window with a name (Ex: abc), and set the *same* name as the value for target property of HTML form. This way, we could avoid the issue.


      script language=JavaScript
      function submitForm()
      window.open("url....","abc","additional properties....");


      form name='myform" action="..." target="abc"

      We don't know how to replicate the above logic in acrobat javascript! If you can help us to solve this, we could find a workaround.

      We use IE 6 and above at this point. No other browsers are supported.

      Please advice any mechanisms or workarounds to solve this problem.

      Appreciate your help.

      - Rasheed