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    Feild values showing in email subjuect line

      Does anyone know if there is a way through Javascript that a form can be emailed and the email that is sent has the subject line that reflects certain field values?
      I am using Adobe Pro 9 forms. I wish to create a form so that once it is emailed, I can search for it by the subject line. If the subject line is a default value, I will always know what to search for.
      I have no experience with Javascript other that copy and pasting other peoples scripts so I am in the dark.
      So far, I have used the Actions tab in the Properties window to Execute a Menu item (File>Attach to Email) to generate an email. If I can, there are 3 separate field values that I would like to show in the subject line. These are required fields.
      If anyone out there could help, it would be greatly appreciated.