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    How do you "save as" in Acrobat 9 via Applescript?

      Greetings all,

      I'm using the Applescript Script Editor and trying to do a "save as." The Applescript dictionary for Acrobat 9 has a reference to "save" in the Core Suite, but no matter what I try, I get an AS error that typically contains the text "document 1 does not understand the save message."

      I can do a "save as" via Applescripting that GUI but that seems problematic as well (I've set the Properties > Initial View options for document 1 after inserting a page--all via Applescript--but doing a "save as" via the GUI apparently does not save those properties. I would hate to have to script the process of having Acrobat open the file again and reset the initial view; I should be able to do that before saving the new file.