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    SOAP.request  URL issue

      Im using the below webservice script in my PDF, it is working fine.

      but, If the URL is wrong then the below code is not executing the remaining statement. If the URL is wrong or the server is down, I hav to show message, How should I catch that error and show the right message.

      If the request is fine I am getting the resultResp value.

      Please help me to fix this issue.
      var response = SOAP.request(
      cURL: cURL,
      oRequest: { "http://www.ibm.com/industries/financialservices/": {my:MYMessage}},
      cAction: "http://services.com/AppService/AppInvocation",
      oRespHeader: oResultHeader

      var responseString = "http://services.com/message:MYMessage";
      var resultResp = response["MYMessage"]["response"];