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    Acrobat Javascript communicating with Actionscript


      I've got a basic question on the capabilities of JavaScript in Acrobat 9 Pro Extended to communicate with Flash Actionscript 3.0. Note that I'm a novice with Acrobat and I'm not a programmer. Here's the scenario I'm wondering about. Say I have a web-based training course. The course is built with Flash, embedded in HTML. I want the learner to be able to open a PDF form from Flash, fill out the fields on the form, hit Send, and have the form data be verified as to its accuracy in the Flash course. In Flash, the learner will be told if he/she needs to correct the information in any of the fields in the PDF.

      1. Can Acrobat 9 Pro JavaScript communicate with Flash Actionscript if the Flash .swf is external to the PDF?

      2. Also, can any previous versions of Acrobat Javascript (version 8 and earlier) communicate with Actionscript in an external .swf?