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    Porting AcroForm from V7 to V8.1.3 floating toolbar problem.


      I am attempting to port an AcroForm developed under Acrobat 7 to Acrobat 8.1.3. The form in question contains a floating toolbar with 4 Items on it. It was necessary to add registry key information so that one of the functions would work in the new environment.

      That being said, the floating tool bar, when it is created is not floating. The JavaScript window is created with out any of the Windows handles, so once it is there it cannot be moved. The items in the toolbar function, and the toolbar can be dismissed, but that's all.

      I am kind of at a loss right now as to what to look at next. Is there supposed to be something to initialize the toolbar, or is it created automatically when you use "api.addToolButton" call?

      Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.