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    Extracting bookmarks with page numbers to a new file

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      I've got a 9000 page PDF document with thousands of bookmarks. The document is something a co-worker created where thousands of other documents were scanned and combined into this document leaving only a bookmark to mark the start of each separate document. (Not what I would have done but too late for that now.) I'd like to create a separate table of contents file based on those bookmarks. I was able to use the "List all Bookmarks .sequ" (talked about in http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b6de71/0 ) to extract the bookmarks but I don't know in what way I should modify it to extract the bookmarks with page numbers. Is there a line (or two or three or ten) of code I can add that will have it include page numbers when it extracts the bookmarks? I'm not much of a programmer but there is $0 in the budget to buy a script or hire a programmer to do this so I'm looking for a do-it-yourself solution. We use Acrobat 8 Pro at the office. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!