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    Batch Process increases file size from 230kb - 5044kb

      I'm currently using Acrobat 7 Professional.

      I want to use the "Batch" process to re-convert pdf documents that were watermarked using the batch process. We're talking 1000+ documents.

      The reason we need to re-convert them is because the watermarked documents are taking more than 4min/page to print, if it prints at all.

      I've manually re-converted a few of the documents using "print to pdf", kept the file size at 230kb and with no printing issues.

      However, since we have 1000s of these documents to do, most with multiple pages, this would be a very time consuming project.

      I've "Batched" "print to pdf" and it also takes care of our printing issues, however, the file size has jumped to 5044kb. Having literally thousands of files to do - this is an issue on our file server.

      I've done multiple tests with adjusting the pdf settings in the batch process... some work (and again the file size is large) - some don't allow for printing or slow it way down again.

      I understand that it's a "layer" or "transparency" thing that's slowing the printing process and when I mess with it in the batch process, it takes care of the printing issues but not the file size.

      Can someone help me please??? I've been working on this for a couple days now and I'm at my limits.

      How can I batch process that will flatten layers but give me a manageable file size?

      Your help would be GREATLY appreciated - Michelle