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    SOAP API Exceptions sample script

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      The below information I am looking into the Adobe Acrobat API reference document.

      But I donot see any example for this. Can any one give me the sample to do this.

      This is my code:

      var response = SOAP.request(
      cURL: cURL,
      oRequest: { "http://www.ibm.com/industries/financialservices": {cna:CNAMessage}},
      cAction: "http://servicescom/Invocation",
      oRespHeader: oResultHeader


      SOAPError is thrown when the SOAP endpoint returns a SOAPFault. The SOAPError Exception object has the following properties:

      NetworkError is thrown when there is a failure from the underlying HTTPtransport layer or in obtaining a Network connection. The NetworkError Exception object has the property statusCode, which is an HTTP Status code or 1 if the network connection could not be made.