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    Beginner Question

      Hi :),
      First i'd like to say that i haven't worked with Adobe Acrobat yet and I can't speak/write really good english. I hope you'll forgive me for that.
      I also don't know if that's the right forum for my question, but i either hope that someone can answer my question.

      Now, what I have is Adobe Reader 9.0 (Pro) and I have opened a new form (formular in german) with the form wizard. It starts the "Adobe LiveCycle Designer". There's a standard document, and my only question is, how can I connect a text field with 2 points (to choose something, for example male/female), that when I click one of the points, only then the textfield is showed an when I choose the other, it isn't showed.

      I hope someone can quick answer this question and another sorry for some writing mistakes and i hope that I haven't choose the absolute false forum for my question.