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    SaveAs and maintain "optimized for web view" via javascript???

    kentgbaker Level 1
      I am trying to do a SaveAs via javascript, but I need to maintain the linearized (optimized for web view) state of the PDF.

      I would get this via the SaveAs menu item, but I need to do it silently and rename the file (replace _H.pdf with .pdf).

      Is there anything that I can read that will help me do this? I have looked through the API reference, AcrobatUsers.com, web search, etc.

      Or, if it cannot be done, stop me now.

      Here is what I am doing currently wtih help from this forum.

      XXX_DoSaveLoRes = app.trustedFunction(function()
      this.saveAs(this.path.replace(/\_H.pdf$/i,"") + ".pdf");