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    Javascripts causing unwanted communication with server

      This validation script is in a text field on a form with many other scripts. I present this script as an example of simple scripts that are causing this problem.

      if(event.value.length != 5){
      app.alert("You must enter 5 digits for the case #.");

      After completing the entry and tabbing out of the field, the form communicates with the server from which the form was opened. Our IS guy has a utility that can monitor this activity and each time a field that contains some javascript is used, the form communicates with the server. None of these scripts contain any commands which involve the server or a path to the server. But there is one button activated script which does a saveAs with a path to this server. This button is only used when the form is completed. But this unwanted communication described above is slowing the forms response. The communication is taking place over a T-1 line to our main building and server. This form also contains several form templates which have their own scripts as well.

      I need to be able to turn off this unwanted communication. Any ideas?