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    getting rid of batch processing javascript console popup

      So i don't know much javascript but i am doing some relatively simple commands here...

      i thought that before whenever i would execute javascript from the batch processing window it would just go through all of the files.... but now it prompts me with the javascript editor for every single file it goes through.

      this cannot happen as i am running this on over 1000 pdfs and i must let it run without a user present...

      does anyone know how to get rid of the window from popping up? or why it is popping up?

      the code i am executing is the following:

      /* Extract pages to folder */
      // Regular expression used to acquire the base name of file
      var re = /\.pdf$/i;
      // filename is the base name of the file Acrobat is working on
      var filename = this.documentFileName.replace(re,"");
      try {for (var i = 0; i < this.numPages; i++)
      nStart: i,
      cPath: filename+"$" + i +"_" + this.numPages + "$.pdf"
      } catch (e) { console.println("Aborted: " + e) }

      any help is much appreciated