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    Want insertion of Digital Signature not to require a save

      I have an issue that I would appreciate someone's help on. I have been with Adobe Tech Support via their portal. Yet I have not been able to establish whether what I want to accomplish is doable.

      What I have is a document that actually consists of several documents, which in aggregate comprises our application for persons wanting to drive for us. For the sake of this scenario please understand that the document is not to be broken up into multiple files. It is created as a single document to facilitate the management of the numerous applicants by in-house staff.

      Anyway - this form has multiple digital signatures. The department head insists on this as each section of this document has information to be attested to as original and accurate. However, we find that only the first digital signature is used to certify the document, and any additional serve only in a "confirming" capacity.

      So we have this document with multiple digital signatures, the first of which certifies the document and the remaining as "confirmation". And all of these digital signature fields are set as "required" in their properties. The form is developed and presented for testing. So we enter just one of the several digital signatures and attempt to save the file. What we expected to happen was the pop-up of a dialogue to point out that all of the required digital signature fields were not completed. But no such warning arises, and this circumstance "raises an eyebrow" or two within the firm, who expect this edit to appear.

      Based on recommendations from Adobe support I go out to the developers site and research scripting. After several hours I come away with a script that will indeed spawn a message when any digital signature is missing. However, another problem arises. After closing out the dialogue box and inserting the first of several missing digital signatures I am immediately required to save the file. The save works and here we have the form with several digital signatures still not signed. This allows the user to forward on the form to us, at which time the file will be reviewed and returned to the user for further completion. And in the event that only one of several missing signatures is entered, and the file again saved and forwarded, this scenario has the potential of being repeated several times.

      Is there any way through scripting for the insertion of the digital signature not to spawn a save of the document? Thanks!