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    continue reading records and placing them in table rows

      I created a blank form in livecycle designer es. Then I created a new oledb database connection based on an sql query (the data connection tests okay and appears correctly in data view).
      Next I created a table with 1 header and 1 detail row (table binding = normal and the table detail row is set to "repeat row for each data item") containing 5 columns (detail row binding = normal), bound each detail cell to a column of the query as $record.dataconnection.columnname and named the cell to match the column name. I wrapped the table in a flowed untitled subform (binding = normal) and saved the file as an adobe dynamic xml form. When I display the form (either in reader or in livecycle preview) I only get the first record from the query. The query is returning 75+ records. I have also tried this with an XML schema, and still only get 1 record.

      Adobe support informs me that in order to continue populating rows I need a script but I don't quite know where to start. Any help would be appreciated