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    Adobe Resource Synchronizer prevents scripts from running to completion

      This problem is using Acrobat 8.1 on OS X 10.4.10

      We use a bank of G4s and G5s to automate the creation of summarized PDFs at the end of review cycles for our users. Through a combination of those things that can be Applescript'd and those that must be QuicKey'd, we often get QuicKeys complaining that it couldn't access certain menu items, thereby hanging our automation process. This happens frequently enough that our automation process seems almost unusable at times as we must constantly "babysit" these automation engines as they become unresponsive.

      As we investigate the matter we notice that Acrobat on these machines seems to have a really difficult time maintaining responsiveness. Eventually, QuicKeys gives up in its attempts to do any work. When a system hangs, the Adobe Resource Synchronizer is occupying 99% of the CPU cycles, trying to do... something... not really sure what. We can manifest this problem without even opening a shared review PDF by going to Preferences > Reviewing. This can take up to 20-30 minutes to populate the window on these machines. However, it DOES eventually work. The same goes with opening the Review Tracker. It can take 20 minutes to display the review tracker information, but it does come up eventually.

      So, we're trying to understand what is happening here. We have a WebDAV server that hosts our shared reviews, which sometimes Acrobat complains it cannot connect to the server. Which is odd, because all of the other systems can, and if we quit Acrobat and relaunch it then it typically works the next time around, using the exact same scripts.

      What can we do to keep the responsiveness of these machines up in talking to the review server? What can be done to keep the Adobe Resource Synchronizer from working so hard? Is there some kind of overnight database maintenance that can be performed on the client or server side to keep things tidy and snappy? Are there known combinations of WebDAV + Acrobat that are more or less stable than others? Any real reason to suspect that Acrobat 9 on OS X 10.5 would eliminate this issue? We're at a bit of a loss, for now.