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    Scripting Question

      I am rather new at this, so please forgive my ignorance. I am trying to create a form in Adobe Professional 8.0 where when the user selects an option from a combo box, a certain value is entered in the next field. I have no idea how to accomplish this. Does anyone have any ideas?
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          DimitriM Level 3
          Hi Diane,

          Here is an article on programming combo and list fields for both AcroForms and LiveCycle forms

          There are links in the article to downloadable sample PDFs that allow you to examine the working code.

          It may be a bit confusing since you are new to Acrobat, and scripting for forms is more on the advanced side of things. Many more tutorials and articles on PDF scripting PDF topics can be found at acrobatusers.com as well as great resources for getting started with Acrobat and creating forms.

          If you decide you need a basic training course in Acrobat JavaScript you may want to check out pdfscripting.com

          Hope this helps,

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