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    Can we add a unique id and have it increase by 1 every time

    CShockr Level 1
      I have a really big problem! The college I work for is slowly transitioning to Acrobat, however, we need a way to generate a unique id for certain documents (ie Purchase Order number)so that we can track documents by PO for the state.

      I have a feeling that this could be done with a script (trust me I am not a coder) but I have no idea how to do it.....

      What we would like to have happen is that a user downloads the form from our college website, fills it out in reader and then returns it to a special email account set up for Purchasing. Each time the document is used it needs to have a unique and sequencial PO number generated.

      Any help or code samples would be totally helpful or even where we could purchase a plug in to accomplish this