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    How Can "Form Data" Be Called From Within A JavaScript

    Jim MacD
      I'm trying to import form data, executed from within a JavaScript.

      For example, my form data document is called 'myDoc'.

      What would the code be if it where inserted in the following JavaScript, the line just after 'this.resetForm()'?


      n=app.alert("Are you sure you want to Reset?/Êtes-vous certain de vouloir recommencer?",2,1);
      if (n==1)

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          First you will need to set the other PDF's "disclosed" property to "true" so you can open it in the first PDF.

          Then you can modify the following code from example 3 for the "app.openDoc" method:

          oDoc = app.openDoc({
          bHidden: true
          }); // oepn other PDF
          var v = oDoc.getField("myTextField").value;
          this.getField("yourTextField").value = v; // get value of field in other document
          oDoc.closeDoc(); // close the other document