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    Using MTOM on SOAP.request

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      We are trying to use MTOM to send binary data for Web Service. JS Developer Guide has following example:

      var MTOMRequest = {"echoAttachmentDL": {dh:{inclusion:{soapAttachment: true,soapValue: myStream}}}};
      var response = SOAP.request({cURL: myURL,oRequest: MTOMRequest,bEncoded: false,cNamespace: myNamespace});

      What does "inclusion" actually do? It seems that the request use draft version of the MTOM spec and we would like to use newer version that supports XOP. Setting cVersion: SOAPVersion.version_1_1 or 1_2 in SOAP.request doesn't seem to do any difference.

      Any additional info would be great.
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          Also, try to call MTOM WebService with parameter stream.
          No you can not change me.
          Can you advise?
          I do not know how to enter parameters.

          Thank you.



          // Use the MTOM standard:

          var MTOMRequest = { "echoAttachmentDL": {





                         soapAttachment: true,

                         soapValue: myStream




          var response = SOAP.request({

               cURL: myURL,

               oRequest: MTOMRequest,

               bEncoded: false,

               cNamespace: myNamespace