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    How to get signed PDF document from Acrobat or Reader

    Jaroslav Pavlicek Level 1
      Please help me solve this situation:

      A word document is transformed to .pdf, signature field is added and extended for signing in Reader. This is done at livecycle backend. Created document is than open in Acrobat or Reader and signed.

      What my customer ask is to disable of display Save As dialog ans save signed document localy and submit back to backend without user intervence. No questions for user. He is allowed just push the button to submit the document. I can use any platform - flex, .NET or other.

      I searched Acrobat SDK, and API and yes, there are functions to save document. AcroExch.App, AVDoc. Is this the right way?

      I'm able to display PDF in internet browser, I can sign it without SaveAs dialog, but I'm unable to get the signed .pdf. How to access the signed document?

      Any help will be very appreciated.

      --- Jaroslav