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    Moving data from one master pdf to another individual pdf's

      I have 8-10 different company applications that have to be filled out. About 85-90% of the information is common (however it is not located in the same spot on each form). I want to create a master application with the common fields and the application specific fields in the master application. I want to have a person fill out the master application to collect the data and then either export the results to the different applications or import the data into the individual applications.

      To that end, using Acrobat 9 Pro Extended I took each application and made them fillable forms, naming each of the fields. I made sure that each field had the exact same name for the same information in each application (i.e. all fields that asked for the company name were labeled Company_Name. I then joined all of the forms into one pdf. I opened joined pdf in Lifecycle and eliminated the all of the duplicate fields and made the form look good.

      How do I get the data from the master to the 8-10 applications?

      Will this approach work?

      If not is there another way?

      I am a novice using these tools so please dumb down how I can accomplish this.