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    JS for search and creation of automated hyperlinks from the results


      Is it possible to create a javascript that searches a PDF document for a part of phrase (with regexp) and then creates a hyperlink of the whole row where the phrase is?

      I'll explain a little bit more....

      In a PDF catalog I have part numbers of 10 digits that always starts with "5010" and then there's a short describing text of the product and finally a price at the end. The part no and the short description is separated with two spaces and a "pipe" (|) and so is also the price separated from the describing text.
      Example: 5010101538 | This is the describing text for the product | $4996

      Now, I want create a hyperlink to my website so each product row is clickable in Acrobat. The link is static at first and at the end the product no (10 digits) comes. After the product no there is also the extension .aspx (http://www.myweb.com/pd_5010.......aspx.

      I know that this should be done at the creative stage but the DB connection plugin for the parts does not support url linking in InDesign..... so I'm stuck with Acrobat for my 900 links that needs to be created. ;)

      Since I'm new to JS in Acrobat I hope there is help out there!