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    changing "x" location in adobe forms

      Hi, I am trying to move a textfield based on an event in adobe forms. I coded it as

      TextField1.x = TextField1.x + 20

      I guess "TextField1.x" returns a String and hence it pretty much concatenates the string and makes it like "92.5mm20". Need some help in understanding how to change the "x" property.

      Also, is it possible to include some graphics/animation using external javascript graphics libraries. It would be great if you guys could point me towards a page/tutorial that gives some infor in it? Thanks.
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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          It appears you have the text string "92.5mm" as the contents, value, of "testField1.x" and this value is a character string because there are characters that are not numeric, a sign, or deli meter. JavaScript is then assuming you are concatenating the contents with the value of "20". You need to either only enter a valid number into "TextField1.x" or strip out the non-numeric values. You may also need to use the 'Number()' constrictor.