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    help with scripts!

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      I have a form that was done in excel. I've now transferred it over to Acrobat 9. When doing this, some of my calculations do not work. They are only the if then statements. Here is what I had in excel: <br /><br />If (B9<C12,(B8+(B12*B5)),0) <br /><br />This should read as: If B9 is less than C12 then B8+(B12*B5), if not then 0.<br /><br />Someone helped me and gave me the following but it doesn't work!<br /><br />if(this.getField('B9').value < this.getField('C12').value) { event.value = this.getField('B8').value + (this.getField('B12').value * B5); } else { event.value = 0; } <br /><br />// or <br /><br />event.value = this.getField('B9').value < this.getField('C12').value? this.getField('B8').value + ( this.getField('B12').value * B5) : 0; <br /><br />Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you.