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    Auto Field Population


      I basically asking for your help as Im totally stuck with my form in Acrobat.
      I must say I have absolutely no scripting knowledge at all so please please please go easy on me. I am sure that what I am trying to achieve is very straight forward IF you know what your doing....which I dont as yet.

      In a nut shell I have a 'combo box' called 'Colours 1'. This has 4 presets values CYAN,MAGENTA,YELLOW,BLACK and also allows the user to edit the field if required.

      I am trying to get a text field on the PDF called 'Colour_Strap' to simply take the value from the 'Colours 1' field.

      I know that I could just duplicate the original field so it changes in both places but I do not want the 2nd instance of the field to view as a combo box. The space is very tight and the tiny arrow to show a combo box gets in the way so I need a text field but with some kind of calculation script in there.

      Any help would be very much appreciated.

      Many thanks
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          DimitriM Level 3
          Hi Lee,

          Here's a link to an article on Changing Another Field with Combo Box selection-

          The article includes a sample PDF download with scripts included so you can examine the code.

          Hope this helps,

          WindJack Solutions