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    Talking from a 3D model to a HTML page

      I am having serious problems in my attempts to talk from a PDF-embedded 3D model to a JavaScript function in an outer HTML page. Im am using the latest acroreader on Windows for display.

      The HTML page has a properly set up messageHandler on the with the PDF, as per Adobe documentation. Also, the document is disclosed.

      Within the 3D model script, I am trying to use the


      function to report to the outside world on item distances and angles that were selected and logged in a mouseEvent handler. I have verified that "host" really refers to the PDF document, and that hostContainer and postMessage exist.

      Nevertheless, when I call the postMessage() function, I am seeing weird error messages on the Acrobat JavaScript console, nothing arrives in the HTML page functions, and ultimately the browser and acroreader both die independent deaths.

      My suspicion is that this is somehow related to having different JS interpreters for the model and the document. I found documentation on how to access the model interpreter from the document, but not the other way around.

      Can anybody give me some hints on the right approach to channel data from an event handler in a 3D model embedded in a PDF to an HTML page JavaScript function?