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    Calculated field not showing in reorder calcuation order list

      I had some cases where some of my calculated fields were not in the list when I went to resequence my calculations. I went to those particular calculated fields, blanked out the calculation, then went back in and reapplied the calculation. And suddenly, they appeared in the calculation reorder list. I did notice I'm running 8.1.3 and 8.1.4 recently came out.

      And something else peculiar is happening. When I close my form and open my form in Acrobat Pro, my calculations for column 4 for all three pages disappear from the resquence calculation screen:
      (Relevenandnewer_Total, elevenandnewer_Total and Column_4_11_Years_and Newer_Total)
      Those calculations also stop working, like the form isn't acknowledging the calculation is there.

      Anybody know if this is a known bug???

      Here is my form: