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    excel csv

      i have a html report
      i wish to have a option that generates html

      how do you do this

      <cfloop query="westcoastCases">

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          coderWil Level 1
          Please describe in more detail what it is you are wanting to do
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            Level 7
            What do you *actually* want? You ask for three separate things:

            1) Excel
            2) CSV
            3) HTML

            If the Excel requirement is just that you want values in cells, simply
            create an HTML table, and then return it to the browser as an
            application/xls with <cfcontent>. If it's more complex than that, there's
            been plenty of other threads on these forums discussing how to do it. Use

            Note that a CSV file has nothing - per-se - to do with Excel, other than
            the fact Excel can open them.

            If you want an HTML table, then... your sample code simply needs <table>
            tags around it.

            I think you're going to have to think through what your actual requirement
            is, and express it to us slightly more clearly.