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    Open a PDF with restricted tools

      I heard that there is a lot what can be done with a PDF via scripting (restrictions in the PDF itself, not an extra viewer application) .

      What we should like to do in the PDF itself:
      - Use Local Fonts (disabled and not possible to enable)
      - Formfields allowed
      - Digital signatures allowed
      - Only the following commenting tools allowed
      - Rectangle Tool
      - Line Tool
      - Overprint option (enabled and not possible to disable)
      - Print menu Advanced
      - Enable "Simulate overprinting" and not possible to disable
      - Printer profile "Same as source (no color management)" and not possible to disable.
      - PDF should be compatible with Acrobat 5, 6, 7 and 8 (also for Acrobat Reader)

      If this all is possible how can we add the script in the PDF ?
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          I´m looking for some of this, too. E.g. I want to have a button
          in a PDF that toggles the "Overprint" option, I want to read out settings of "Use Local Fonts" and set it ---

          Setting Overprint works with a
          in Acrobat 7 -- however in Acorbat 8 it fails due to security restrictions ?

          Is there a way around this? (trustedFunctions only work on initializing the applications, batch and... )

          Werner Frank