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    Setting Calculation Order

      I am at my wit end trying to set the calculation order on a Adobe PDF. I have created the form using Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional. Here are the steps that I take:

      1. I add the fields to the form.
      2. Add the calculations (some contain javascript and some are just the basic formatting)
      3. Set the calculation for all fields using Form >>> Edit Fields >>> Set Calculation Order
      4. Click 'Ok' to exit out of the 'Calculated Fields' dialog box.
      5. Go back into the 'Calculated Fields' dialog box by using the Form >>> Edit Fields >>> Set Calculation Order and the fields list order gets reset.

      How do I keep the order that I specify? Why are the field getting reordered?

      PLEASE HELP. I have reordered this fields like 3 times already.