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      I am learning javascript in acroforms and I would like your help on three problems I am facing.

      I am experimenting with the PDF file released on internet to explain the article "JavaScript Clock/Timer Demo" published by Tom Parker. (Download Below)
      http://www.acrobatusers.com/tech_corners/javascript_corner/tips/2006/date_time_part3/Java ScriptClock.pdf

      As an exercise for myself, I changed the javascript code in the COUNT DOWN TIMER section, so as the user would not need to enter the count down time by pressing buttons. In this case, I set the clock to 15 seconds -> 00:00:15:00. I also changed the PDF to start at full view by using the code app.fs.isFullScreen = true;

      So, I would like now to implement the following :

      a) When the user presses the "start count down time" button (located in page 1) and the time, after 15 seconds expires, the page would change automatically to page number 12. So, what code to use to accomplish this and where I would need to place it ?

      b) I have observed that if you duplicate the Text field "count down time" which begins at 00:00:15:00 over several pages, when you press "start count down time" button, you will see that the pointer of the mouse keeps flashing at each millisecond and it changes the appearance from arrow to "hourglass with a calculator"

      So, is there a way round to eliminate this annoying flashing?

      c) Supposing that my PDF is in full screen view and that it has many pages (the user can go forward and backwards by pressing buttons), I would like to prevent the scrolling of the mouse wheel to act as a button (scrolling the mouse wheel would do nothing). In addition, I know that the navigation behavior via clicks on the left and right button in full screen mode is set by preferences but we cannot change another user's preferences.

      So, programmatically, how can I prevent the scrolling AND the right/left clicks to act as forward/backward buttons? where should I place the javascript codes?

      Thank you really much for you time in solving my doubts !