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    Newbee - question fpr scripting

    tobias.wantzen Level 1
      Hi, I'm new to scripting Acrobat and JavaScript (besides some Web-JS), but familiar to scripting InDesign (CS to CS3 with AppleScript). Now I'm on the challenge to do some Acrobat scripting.
      Please let me know, if my problem could basicallybe solved with Acrobat scripting and please give me a bit of a startup.

      I want to create an image check. Distiller converts the images to PDF. So I need to access the image in the PDF and extract information like: resolution, dimensions, color space, color profile.
      I expect some problems, when pixel images where placed into a vector graphic. So I need the information, that blabla.eps is vector graphic, but contains pixel images with resolution, dimension, color space, color profile.

      Do I have a chance to do such a thing by scripting?
      Or does anybody has some other solution to this?