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    Eagle exporting

      I'm trying to export Eagle created schematics to Adobe PDF, but the conversion leads to an image file and does not recognize text.
      Since Eagle allows users to insert C-like scripts, called "User Language Programs" or ULPs, can someone tell me please if there's an easy way to write an ULP to export an electric scheme as text and image to a PDF file?

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        I don't know what Eagle is, but how are you doing the export which is
        giving a problem?

        Aandi Inston
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          Since Adobe is not integrated in Eagle (it's a CAD software, similar to AutoCAD or Spice or Altiumm designer, specifically designed to assist electrical projects), I tried to print to Adobe PDF virtual printer.
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            I don't think you have any alternative that doesn't involve printing
            to the virtual printer. I wonder if the software is rasterising on

            Aandi Inston