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    specifying numbers only in form fields

      I am running Acrobat 7.0.9 on MacOS 10.4.11. I wish to specify that a form field be filled with numerals only within a form, and in any order, eg a field for telephone number or serial number. If I go to "Text Field Properties" and apply the "number" category to text field, this is fine for monetary amounts but if you have a number sequence beginning with zero, Acrobat won't allow it because it sees it as an amount and sees the zero as being unnecessary. So if I wish to key in the sequence 012345, Acrobat sees it as 12345. I guess I need to use the "Custom" option to define JavaScript, but have no knowledge of JavaScript. Can anybody suggest a simple JavaScript that will allow me to key in any sequence of numerals only, or can anybody suggest another solution? Thanks.
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          Custom format script:

          // 6 digit number no separator no decimal
          event.value = util.printf("%,106d", event.value)

          Custom keystroke:

          // define a regular expression for any length number
          var reNumber = /^\d*$/;
          // run only if event not committed
          if(event.willCommit == false){
          // set event return code to result of re test
          event.rc = reNumber.test(event.change);

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          PDF Reference: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/pdf/pdf_reference.html

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            Thanks very much - the custom keystroke option is perfect!!
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              This doesn't work for me. The zero is still being taken off. Any ideas?