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    Read FDF form data into Batch Process


      I have a Batch Process that displays a "Select Files to Process" window where the user selects the PDF files to be used in the batch process. The batch will open all PDF files selected, select certain data fields, and add the vales of the fields (scores) to global variables. When complete the form that called the batch has a JavaScript routine that will read in the values stored in memory and show them (the totals) on the form.

      I would like to include FDF files in the process. When FDF files are selected, the error "Cannot open document" error is displayed in the batch processing window.

      I am thinking of doing the following:
      1. Open the data form in the Batch script.
      2. Read the directory items (file names) into an array.
      3. Create a for-loop to Import each FDF.
      a. Reset the form.
      b. ImportAsFDF();
      c. Parse all the fields for their values, adding the totals to the gloval variables
      4. Close the form.
      5. Open the totals form.
      6. Display the global values in form fields.

      Does anyone know of a way to streamline this process? In essense I would like to know if there is a way to open a FDF file in a Batch process just like PDF files are selected and read field values? Is there a Preferences setting, etc. that will allow the Batch Process to read FDF files?

      Thanks in advance.