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    Autofill for non web use

      I have created 5 forms in Acrobat 8.1 Pro. They all share the following information: Business Name, Contact Name, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, Business Phone, Fax Phone, E-Mail and Tax ID#. Every time I get a new client, I fill out these forms(for the 5 companies I do business with) and I would like to create a new form that I can fill in once and then use as the source for autofill or batch to the other forms to fill out the common information above. I then need to clear this form after it is used and be able to create a new clients information. I am new to 8.1 and do not write code. I have Microsoft Office Professional 2007. I am under a deadline, so I would appreciate a timely reply. I used the template in 8.1 to create the pdf's from Word. Thanks, Dick
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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Look at Exporting and Impporting FDF data.
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            Thanks for the reply George, but I have no idea where to look, how to use, what FDF stands for, etc., etc. I am a real novice and need handholding, but I appreciate the reply. Dick
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                  Patrick Leckey Level 3
                  > KAREN SHANEBERGER TO LOVE

                  Nobody by that name here. Move along.
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                    This is Sturty, the original poster. I have no idea who or what the above is about, but it does not solve my problem. Please post if you have an answer to my question only. Thanks Dick
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                      Patrick Leckey Level 3

                      I think people stopped responding because you posted in the "Acrobat Scripting" forum that you "do not write code". Your question would have been better served in a forums that's object wasn't scripting if you didn't want anything to do with scripting.

                      We also don't just write people's solutions for them here - the idea is to help you along your way to your own solution. If you want someone to completely write a script for you, you should be offering them a compensatory amount of money for their work, I would say.

                      Now that you have been advised on the above and since your solution requires no scripting whatsoever, here's an idea:

                      Open your blank form in Acrobat. Fill in the fields the way you want. From the toolbar menu choose "Forms > Manage Form Data > Export Data ...". In the "save as type" dropdown box (under the file name box) choose "XML Data Package Files (*.xdp)" and save it with a unique name in the same folder as your blank PDF. Now close your PDF (say no if it asks you to save changes).

                      You'll notice if you open the PDF, it will still be blank. But if you open that XDP in Acrobat, it will open your PDF and fill in the fields with the data you saved. Then you can just create an XDP for each of your 5 companies.

                      Also, I realise your name is "Dick", but signing your posts "Thanks Dick" with no punctuation (like: "Thanks, Dick.") may lead people to believe that you are calling them a ... well ...
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                        PDL, I really want to thank you for your help. I was sent to this site by the folks who man the phones at Adobe. I have no idea what this forum actually does, but I was lead to believe it would be helpful. As for compensatory offers, I am willing to take quotes. As for the signature, it was properly placed in the original request and it must have been a fraudien slip when I saw the Karen love stuff. No offense intended. Thanks,,,,,,Dick
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                          Patrick Leckey Level 3
                          > Thanks,,,,,,Dick

                          Heh - love it!

                          As for the purpose of these forums, there is a forum specific to your type of question on the Adobe User to User forums, you just happen to be in the Scripting section and not the Acrobat Windows section. Your question would have been better served there.