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    BrowseForFileToSubmit doesn't work on MAC

      Don't know if anyone else has ever had this problem and resolved it but here goes.

      I have a PDF form with a large number of fields including one for attaching an image file. I am using the following command on the focus event of my appImage field: this.getField("appImage").browseForFileToSubmit();

      It works fine on the PCs I test on but it refuses to work on any Mac. I can't even get focus on the field, the cursor doesn't change from a hand.

      The field is required, NOT read only, and has it's file select attribute set. I've RTF'ingM, Googled the problem, searched Adobe main site, Adobe forums and asked other developers for their opinions / advice but as of yet no-one can explain the problem let alone fix it.

      Can anyone out there help?