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    Bookmarked Files Stay Open

      I have a Javascript (Acrobat 7) that can automatically add bookmarks to files that will open another file and close the currently open file. So far so good. However, if I then click on the previous view button, the file opened by the bookmark stays open and a new window opens with the original file that had the bookmarks. The expectation is that the file opened by the bookmark would close at this point. This is the way a bookmark created manually that uses the "Open a file" action would behave. Since Javascript can only place a Javacript action, I don't seem to be able to get Javascript to add an "Open a file" action. An example of the Javascript which is being placed in the book mark is:

      app.openDoc("Index_Tunes HL.pdf",this); this.closeDoc();

      where Index_Tunes HL.pdf is the name of the file to open. As I say, this executes beautifully. However, it is on clicking the "Previous View" button that now there are two open files. As the application I am working on could involve extensive moving from file to file, leaving these files open is very messy and basically unacceptable to users. I thought possibly reversing the sequence of these two commands might change the result, but they behave identically.

      I can't seem to find any preference that will change this behavior. Is there something I am missing that might help me correct this. Thanks.