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    Print some static_text  from a Dialog


      I have a dialog with some static text in it.
      How can I do to print it?

      I could add to the form a button but ... which action should be associated with it?

      Any suggestion is welcome!

      nb: the script must work on Reader too ...
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          Patrick Leckey Level 3
          Here is the link to the SDK documentation:

          You will find a plethora of details regarding the print functions in there and it will also tell you which functions are available to Reader so that you can plan your script accordingly.
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            Thank you.
            I went through the documentation and found the print command.
            But the point is that I want to print some static_text which is in a dialog at the document level

            And I am looking from suggestions on how to do it
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              Patrick Leckey Level 3
              You would have to add the static text to a page on the document and then print that page.

              Acrobat does not provide any functionality to simply pass a string of text to the printer.

              If you wanted only the text and nothing else, you could create a new page, add the text to that page, print just that page, then delete the page. That would require some folder-level scripts though since some of the required functions will need a privileged context.

              You're kind of reinventing the wheel to do that though. If you require printing of just a simple string of text, use the OS-level print APIs and just use the JSObject through IAC to pass the required string out of the document so you can print just that.