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    FormCalc Sum in a Table - LiveCycle 8.0 across tables that continue...


      I have two tables, one of which that continues on the other page of my form. The second table is where I have my total. The path for both tables are the following:


      I have used the following formcalc to get my total in another table that is exclusively all on one page:


      So I thought that I would use the same logic and just add a + between the expressions:

      Sum(xfa.form.PROPAC_APP.PROPAC_Page2.Subform2.tblFysBreakEnvirConsult.Row[*].EGR[*])+(xfa. form.PROPAC_APP.PROPAC_Page3.Subform3.tblFysBreakEnvirConsultCont.Row[*].EGR[*])

      I don't get an error but it is not adding the values correctly. It will add all the values that I input on the first table but only one of the values on the second tables (first Row). For the other rows it will not change the total value.

      Does anybody have any suggestions on what I am missing?