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    Secure PDF

      I would like to make a script to secure a large set of PDF-files (5000 files) with a timestamp that will meke the PDF file impossible to open after a given date. Is this possible and does anyone know where i could gain information to solve this.

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          You cannot do this with Acrobat alone. There is no special timestamp
          magic. You would need a DRM solution like Adobe Policy Server, where
          the users connect to the server (with a warning) each time the
          document is opened, for Acrobat to check permissions.

          (Bear in mind that testing the date on the computer would not be a
          good solution, since the user can easily change that. And bear in mind
          that you can't solve this with a script that checks and closes the
          file, because the user can turn off scripting).

          Aandi Inston
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            The best solution must be to check the permissions against a server. But the users doesn´t allways have a connection to internet. In the security tab in Acrobat i have a option for "valid to", what does this mean? How could i set a date there för all my files.

            Is it possible to create a certificate that describes the security level for th PDF-files, and set a datestam there?

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              I don't see "valid to". What security method is selected?

              Aandi Inston