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    openDoc then print openedDoc?

    garek007 Level 1

      I have a checklist and I want to make it so that when you click a button, all checked boxes print a specific file. I have gotten openDoc to work and open a document, but then when I try to print, it prints the checklist that was used to open the document NOT the document I want printed. What have I done wrong?

      Here is my code:

      var pDoc = app.openDoc("UD-ArtisanPark.pdf", this);

      //print silently

      var pp = this.getPrintParams();
      pp.interactive = pp.constants.interactionLevel.silent;
      pp.printContent = pp.constants.printContents.doc;
      pp.firstPage = 0;
      pp.lastPage = this.numPages-1;

      //this.print(false, this.pageNum, this.pageNum);


      //print file