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    How to see the first page in "fit to height" mode by default?

    Ramon F Herrera Level 1
      I am customizing Acrobat at several levels (custom plugins, JavaScripts, etc.).

      Every time I open a document, the first thing I do is to click on the "fit to height" icon, and frankly, it is getting a little tiresome. I am also trying to determine exactly what kinds of things can be achieved with JS, which ones need to be implemented by a plugin, etc.

      In reference to the "fit to height"... can this be done:

      - by passing some parameter to Acrobat at startup?
      - by embedding some JavaScript which "presses a button" on the toolbar for me?
      - by COM, or COM-type remote control?
      - by having a plugin make the configuration every time a document is opened?

      Let's say that I want to have a specific configuration at Acrobat startup: a limited number of toolbars being visible, etc. Is this an appropriate task for JavaScript (obviously the opened document will have to contain some appropriate JavaScript code)? Is the plugin functionality up to this task?

      Doesn't Acrobat have a configuration file? If Adobe doesn't provide it, should I implement it myself?